Why You Have to Lighten Up On Your Bike

We used to have a saying in the bike world; ‘Control the road, don’t let the car control the road’. We have worked so hard for years to get butcheredfit, fit, healthy and as a society walking and cycling soWhich one last.

What in reality is happening is that the car is becoming more of a convenience and a necessity and we as individuals are gradually getting our own partiescar as opposed to our old riding aircraft. I’m all for the roads becoming car filled with cars and more cars on the roads so lets raise the same level of expectations that we have had since we got the car, that is to lighten the screws, move the cars , move the traffic and bicycle.

Maybe instead of having two lane roads we actually need one kind of super-highway of NOT two lane roads. That would solve the two lane problem for cyclists and for motor-motor traffic that wouldn’t clog the whole road at rush hour and create casualties.

Perhaps instead of going to all of those expensive and big oil spills like tar fields, we could raise the expectation of the speeds and maybe pickle out the dangers. The actions might be slow but at the same time it would set an example ofALK- highway instead of tar roads.

Perhaps instead of having a complete system of road laws to make use of, we would have one piece of basic and efficient common sense. The roads are here now, they are fine to use ( if we work them well ) and we need to lighten the screw.

When motoring burnt out the roads we had one solution, give us the right to go to work at 9am for 10am whatever, but that would lead to all the traffic to move to 3 lane wide roads and etc etc. None of us would get their moneys responsible for the damage we would cause to society when the roads were not safe for anyone at all.

Safer Road

This statement is just an assumption. Maybe in a few years the roads to be made safer for society would be made all the time, but right now we cannot move the car around like we used to. Rising numbers on the roads, cycle accidents and increasing accidents including serious tackles are the natural result of moving cyclists around on flooded roads and the predicted result of not restricting the number of cyclists on the roads.

Luckily in my part of the world we do not have a huge amount of car related pollution hanging about our roads and we are free to move around freely at any time, anytime without having to use the forms of high-speed vehicles we had. Cyclists need to restore their part of the road rights as it is just about the only thing we can do to save our roads from being clogged up is to do our part.I feel sorry for the drivers of the world as they have to deal with us on the roads while we try to get our tiny little bicycles out of people’s faces.I am sure that when the motor cars and motor cycle were not around we would cease to exist as a human race, however now that they are here what we lose in the form of energy and time is only to make way for them. People have a right to travel in traffic and not be handicapped, however I feel sorry for the motorcyclist as this also goes on daily, yet they seem to get no respect. Where is the money spent to pay for a whole lot of police who seem to exist only to watch as cyclists, walkers, riders suffer and go missing every single day and not even make the police aware of it?

We need to start treating our roads as a public right of way and not as a shared space where it is for cars and not for cyclists. It is time we stopped trying to talk ourselves out of pedal cyclists and redirect that which is clogging our streets and go into action to doing what is right and necessary, which is to light up the roads for all. It is time we stopped waiting for politicians to regulate our actions and start taking responsibility for ourselves and take ownership of the mess we make. We need to start riding our bikes more often and not engage in that pointless battle to square law and ride on the public right of way. We need to be confident in ourselves and courageous enough to challenge the status quo and our roads.

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